capstone experiences

mercyhurst university guarantees that every incoming student who graduates with a mercyhurst associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree will have gained real-world, outside-the-classroom experience in his or her discipline. these “hands-on” or applied learning opportunities, which we call capstone experiences, are part of the required curriculum for every student, in every major or program offered at mercyhurst university’s erie, north east and corry, pennsylvania campuses.

we believe that these capstone experiences add considerable value to any mercyhurst university degree by enhancing each student’s job search, career progress or pursuit of further education following graduation from mercyhurst.

every academic program at mercyhurst includes a capstone course as part of its curriculum. these courses are meant to provide students with learning experiences that replicate work that would be done in professional or graduate school settings, and allows them to build their portfolios and resumes while earning credit towards graduation. these guaranteed experiences, combined with other hands-on opportunities like study abroad and service projects, give our students an edge in today's competitive job market.

(french, french education, russian studies, spanish, spanish education)

  • all language majors participate in an oral proficiency interview with an external evaluator in the spring semester of their senior year. this results in an internationally-recognized rating of their skills in listening and speaking their language, which students can use on their resumes, and employment and graduate school applications.
  • students complete internships tailored to their individual career plans, including teaching english as a second language and life skills to adults, working with immigration and refugee services, and translation.
  • 为期一学期的学生教学经验旨在让法国和西班牙文教育的学生在课堂上承担全部责任。