meet the admissions team

unlike most schools, your mercyhurst admissions counselor works with you throughout the entire enrollment process, including preparing your financial aid award. most admissions counselors work with students from specific geographic territories — consult the list below to identify your counselor.

undergraduate admissions

christian beyer
director, undergraduate admissions
andrea grady
associate director, undergraduate admissions
dana irwin
assistant director, undergraduate admissions
region: transfer coordinator
nina campbell
assistant director, undergraduate admissions
region: erie county, pa and performing arts applicants
danielle vaccaro
admissions counselor
region: new york state, excluding nyc and ny southern tier
rebekah o'connor
admissions counselor
region: midwest (oh/in/il/mi/wi)
holly deitrick
admissions counselor
region: athletics liaison, northwestern/central pa, and new england
jake smith
admissions counselor
region: eastern pa and western pa (greater pittsburgh)
angela boyd
admissions counselor
region: ny southern tier, nyc, nj, md, va, d.c., and greater usa
courtney olevnik
director, international student services, designated school official
brooke fischman
assistant director, international student services, principal designated school official (pdso)
paul hirsch
admissions and enrollment coordinator
region: adults/post-bac/post-cert
shameka harper
data and communications coordinator
sherry rieder
systems and business process manager

associate degree/certificates admissions

graduate and continuing education

john olszowka, ph.d.
associate provost, graduate programming and strategic academic initiatives
travis lindahl
director, graduate and continuing education

veterans services 

contact undergraduate admissions

undergraduate admissions
501 east 38th street
erie, pa 16546
phone: 814-824-2202
fax: 814-824-3634

contact associate degree/certificate admissions

associate degree/certificate admissions
501 east 38th street
erie, pa 16546
phone: 814-725-6144
fax: 814-725-6251

contact graduate admissions

graduate admissions
501 east 38th street
erie, pa 16546
phone: 814-824-3351