parking and transportation

Ride "the e" Bus & Van Service

four runs between erie and north east are made each weekday, and the service is provided 40 weeks out of the year, including during the 10-week summer session. perhaps the biggest bonus is that students can use "the e" system for free anywhere they go during the service period, including on weekends. for example, students can take the bus from downtown erie to the millcreek mall for free, as long as they present their student id cards.

click here to view the route schedule.


At Mercyhurst University, every student who brings a vehicle to and parks a vehicle on campus property must register that vehicle with the Police & Safety Office and must have a University parking permit issued and affixed to the registered vehicle. The person registering the vehicle must be the registered owner or an immediate family member of the registered owner. Any person registering a new vehicle must provide a student ID card or driver’s license, a current state registration card and proof of insurance prior to being issued a parking permit. Mercyhurst University assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to any motor vehicle parked on university property.

the enforcement of parking regulations and vehicle traffic control is maintained by assessing penalties in the form of fines and through campus vehicle registration. vehicles may be towed when parked in designated tow-away zones or handicap spaces, during snow emergency removal operations, and/or when otherwise necessary. a wheel locking device (boot) may be placed on a vehicle’s wheel to prevent movement if it is determined that the driver is a chronic offender, or if the owner or operator of a particular vehicle fails to pay fines that have significantly accrued.

freshman residents are not permitted to bring vehicles to the university.