mission inspired. future ready.

educating the next generation of health care providers.

as an institution rooted in the mercy mission, mercyhurst university seeks to provide world-class, career-ready education—one informed by the values of service, hospitality, and entrepreneurship—to all who aspire to it. confident in this mission, we are announcing a multi-year plan to strengthen our two-year and four-year health care programs and consolidate all academic programming to our main campus in erie, pennsylvania. 

skilled, compassionate professionals in the nursing and allied health fields are needed now more than ever, according to employment projections. planned investments in facility improvements, new equipment, and leading-edge technology for our health care programming promise to enrich the learning experiences for our students and prepare them for successful careers as leaders in these disciplines.

the transition will relocate north east’s academic programs, the majority of which are health-related, to erie by june 2021. on our main campus, our students in these programs can expect high-quality, student-centered educational experiences on a supportive campus community attuned to each student’s needs—with the added benefits of enhanced opportunities for hands-on learning, as well as greater program accessibility and convenience.

may 2020 update 

in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, we are anticipating further declines in new enrollments for some of our associate degree programs.  as such, we have decided to partially accelerate our campus consolidation timeline. this means that with the start of the fall 2020 semester all academic programming — with the exception of the nursing, allied health, biology, and municipal police programs — will be relocated to the main campus.

this change will not affect or interrupt the ability of our current students to progress toward their degrees, nor will it affect their anticipated costs. individual degree progress reports have been evaluated to ensure that students are able to be registered for the appropriate classes and have a clear degree pathway to finish their programs. the low tuition rates for our one- and two-year associate degree and certificate programs will continue throughout the consolidation.  finally, we will continue to honor all institutional financial aid commitments.

current students at the north east campus have been contacted to inform them of these changes and our academic counselors and faculty leadership are connecting individually with all students to help them understand how these changes affect them.  if you are a current student with questions, please refer to the contact information we recently provided via your mercyhurst email account. 

applicants to associate degree programs should continue to work with their admissions counselors to understand the implications of these changes.  admissions is in the process of contacting all affected applicants.

we remain committed to ensuring the individual success of all students affected by these changes and supporting them through this process.  the spirit of hospitality and entrepreneurship that animates our mercy mission also calls us to value individualized attention and care for each of our students — and to foster an encouraging, supportive community attuned to their needs, no matter where they are located.  it is our goal to ensure that each student’s transition is as seamless as possible.